Nutrients for weight loss


nutrition for weight loss



Nutrients for weight loss

The research on the fat burning properties of food is incredibly robust, isolating which nutrients target flab in what amount and which can actually prevent fat from forming by operating on a genetic level.

Here are 9 most effective and the most significant food sources of each.


The amino acid is one of the newest secret weapons for weight loss. Researchers found that administering arginine to obese woman over 12 weeks resulted in a 7 cm average reduction in waist size and 6.5 pound average weight loss.

How to get it-almonds which are great pre workout snack grab a handful other great resources-tofu, eggs, peanuts and walnuts.


This essentials minerals aids in hundreds body processes including muscles contraction, which improves protein synthesis. That in turn boost, fat burning. Higher magnesium intake was associated with lower level of fasting glucose and insulin

How it gets-almonds, chard cashews and spinach are rich in the nutrient.




Potassium helps flatten your belly in two ways. It aids recovery after a workout and helps the body flush out water rand sodium, reducing bloat its also crucial in maintaining healthy heart and kidney function.

How it gets-bananas get it all credit for this flat belly nutrient, but molasses is actually the best food sources  according to the USDA. Molasses, bananas, avocades, nuts and leafy green vegetables.


Also known as the slow carb, resistant starch passes through the small intestine without being digested, feeding healthy gut bacteria that helps you feels fuller longer and burn fat. Replacing just 5 %of the carbohydrates you consume each day with a source of resistant starch can stood fat burning after meals by up to 30 percent one study.


This amino acid is key to muscles building because it increase the body’s ability to synthesize protein. Researches fed one group of people containing 10 gram of leucine per day and another group a lower- leucine diet in studies conducted at the University of Illinois.

how to gets-chicken is an excellent sources, according to the USDA a 6 ounce chicken breast contains about 4.4 grams of leucine per serving and 52 grams of protein. It also includes eggs, tofu, fish, beef and pork.